Arrow 3.10

“Left Behind” 1/21/15
Diggle and Roy are trying to fill the gap of the missing Oliver.
They take down one man from the heist but the other gets away. Apparently is connected to a man name Danny “The Brick” Brickwell. Laurel tries one of the guys.
A mysterious figure climbs down to where Oliver is.
Felicity offers to help Palmer with the nano circuit.
IslandOllie breaks into a facility and steals a sample then he and his team get pinned down by cover fire. He lets a bad guy go but he actually put a tracer on him and plans to follow him back to Tatsu.
Thea is worried about Ollie.
Malcolm stops by the cave to ask if they have heard from Ollie. Then he goes to the top of the mountain and see the sword. He brings it back and they test it and realize Oliver is dead.
Brick break into the evidence warehouse and destroy all the evidence. Roy and Diggle try to stop them.
Diggle and Brick fight. But they all escape. The courts have to let all the felons go.
Felicity quits.
Laurel dresses up in Black Canary’s costume and takes 2 of the felons out.
Misao is the man who saved Ollie and brings him to Tatsu to heal.
Arrow is really good tvthatiwatch.

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