The Man In The High Castle 1.01

“Pilot” 1/15/15 Joe Blake joins the revolution against Nazi America 1962. He transports
Julianna is training in akido in the Japanese Pacific States in San Francisco.
DC was flattened with an H-Bomb.
Trudy gives Julianna a package before ending up getting killed by the Japanese Police squad. She gaves her a piece of film called The Grasshopper Is Heavy.
The Man In The High Castle make anti-propaganda films
Joe is still driving.
Trade minister Takomi is prepping for the Japanese Prince and Princess plan to visit the JPS.
Joe’s old boss is being tortured fo where the truck is going.
Joe gets a flat tire. A cop helps change the tire and Joe notices something drifting from the sky. They burn the cripples and the old on Tuesdays.
Julianna decides to go to the meet her sister was going to go to. All her stuff gets stolen.
Takomi and Weiner meet up and Weiner mentions that the Furer is sick and
Joe inspects his truck and finds a film reel too.
When Julianna shows up at the meet she runs across Joe.
Frank gets arrested while Julianna is away for not knowing where she is.
Joe is working for Hitler.
The Man in The High Castle is tvthatiwatch.

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