The Librarians 1.03

“And The Horns Of a Dilemma” 12/14/14
An intern goes missing, several interns in fact which leads the team to figure out a company is using a minotaur to gain them good fortune and the team must take them down. As they go to inspect the company they get locked in the Labyrinth and need to find a way to escape. Jenkins figures out that the company has been using several artifacts as a power source for the Labyrinth and the team has to head back into it to distract the Minotaur while they find the power source. Jenkins gets the doors to be doorways to anywhere, even inside the labyrinth. They figure out the symbol of the labyrinth is a ball of twine and start unraveling it which disintegrates the building and they use that to get back home. The Librarians is surprisingly good tvthatiwatch.

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