The Librarians 1.02

“And the Sword In The Stone” 12/7/14
Judson and Charlene initiate the closure of the main library closing the pocket dimension from everyone.
The librarians dive through a door and land in Oregon.
They meet Jenkins, who has an interface, i.e. Flynn’s office with access to anything in the library.
Cassandra meets Dulaque and stops Lamia from killing her.
Flynn remembers that Lamia calls Excalibur a key and what does a key fit into? A stone Excalibur used to reside in. They steal a crown jewel which could be used as a lodestone for the stone. The team realizes the stone is in the basement of Buckingham Palace and Eve uses he sway to get them into a party that night. Meanwhile Lamia and Cassandra find the stone and Cassandra figures out how to unlock the cage around it and then Lamia stabs the stone. Flynn and the team create and electromagnet that pulls the crown off of Lamia’s head. But Excalibur is dying and Flynn tells Cassandra to use the last bit of Excaibur’s magic to cure her of the tumor in her head but Flynn does from the unhealable wound and Cassandra uses the last bit of magic to cure him. And Excalibur dies. Flynn gives everyone airline tickets to let everyone go back to their lives. Judson tells Flynn that he is done and Flynn wont be able to stop all the magic himself her needs helpers so he brings the team back together. The clippings book has a new mystery every day. The Librarians is surprisingly entertaining tvthatiwatch.

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