The Flash 1.10

“Revenge Of The Rogues” 1/20/15
Barry is training and stops a missile midflight.
Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold and a new friend, Mik Rory, break into a rare car dealership hoping to lure Flash.
Iris packs up and moves out of her dad’s place.
Cisco creates heat shields for the police department.
Caitlin looks into the last thing her boyfriends said. She and Barry figure out its an acronym for something called F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M.
Cold decides to go after a rare painting. The cops show up and Heatwave reveals his power.
Caitlin finds Jason Rush, the author of the Firestorm paper, and he talks about how professor
Martin Stein worked on transmutation but the university kicked him out and he has gone underground.
Cold goes after Caitlin. They make a video calling Flash out and he has to officially reveals himself and battle with them.
Flash confronts them and Eddie helps him.
Flash gets them to cross streams and negate their guns. Cisco and Joe go save Caitlin.
Snart’s sis shows up and breaks them out of their police transport.
The Flash is really good tvthatiwatch.

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