Major Crimes 3.12

“Party Foul” 12/1/14
At a freshman college party a kid stumbles out of the garage with a gaping wound in his neck. As the kid hosting the party runs into the garage he finds Kiesha stabbed in the stomach. The house kid deals in pot and the parents are in Palm Springs. Keisha has a stalker-esk boyfriend, Wesley, that was thrown out of the party before the incident. While she is in the hospital, the grandmother, who used to be a nurse is looking at Keisha’s x-rays when Provenza shows up. The grandmother, gets Wesley to show up and then when they interview him they realize he loved her but he didn’t kill her. Turns out Kiesha is a little crazy and her boyfriend was planning on braking up with her so she stabbed him 6 times and then stabbed herself. Provenza tricks her into thinking she is dying from her stomach wound and she admits to the whole thing. Rusty is a PA on Badge of Justice and is thinking about passing on going to school and has a little crush on an AD so Sharon asks Chen to get the AD to convince Rusty to go back to school.
Major Crimes is tvthatiwatch.

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