Madam Secretary 1.12

“Standoff” 1/4/15 Texas State troopers raid a drug deal on the border and one dies. Beth meets with the wife and son of the victim and tells them mexico will not release prisoners to a country with a death penalty and asks if the wife will waive it they will extradite the killer. Then she goes on vacation for a week. A Texas senator uses the fact to place the national guard at the border. The embassador to Mexico thinks this is a huge problem. Then a Texas militia breaks him out of the mexican prison and brings him across the border to be held accountable for his actions. The FBI comes to get the dealer and ignite a mexican standoff
They run across Henry’s target Klaus in a restaurant and Henry panics. They next day they meet again and he also knows Henry planted the bug and wants protection. He feels like he is in too deep and wants his family protected.
Blake checks in on the kids and sprains Jason’s leg.
Beth finally finds out whats going on and gets Mexico to file an arrest warrant for the senator and plans to extradite him to be tried for his crimes so the senator backs down.
The CIA decides to make Klaus a double agent and if he gives enough info they will protect his kid.
Madam Secretary is tvthatiwatch.

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