Jane The Virgin 1.09

“Chapter Nine” 12/15/14
Xo goes to a music producer who takes one look at her and turns her down based on her age.
Petra makes a play for custody of the baby.
Michael asks Billy to ask around so he steals Rafael’s wallet and there is a key in it.
Jane wrote a story that portray’s Xo poorly and it gets published.
Petra’s captive gets excited watching The Passions of Santo because it shows an actor escaping from the same situation he is in only they shut the tv off before he can figure out how to get out.
Rogelio is up for a spanish emmy but doesn’t get it.
Xo meets Paulina Rullio and she tells her to stick to it.
Jane and Rafael hire a detective to look into Petra’s past and find out that the “Petra” on her passport died years ago.
Michael and Nadine start to get it on in the Serbian’s hotel room and trigger a secret passage.
Grandma goes to give Petra a piece of her mind and Magda answers the door and she sees the captive so runs and gets pushed down the stairs by a non wheelchaired Magda!
Jane The Virgin is really good tvthatiwatch.

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