Jane The Virgin 1.08

“Chapter Eight” 12/8/14
Mr. Solano sends Rafael to Mexico City to bring back his sister or Rafael’s shares of the hotel will default to Jane as he put them up as bail. Luisa shows up so no default judgement.
Rogelio and Xo keep having sparks between them.
Mr. Solano gives Rafael’s job back but he has to report to Lachlan who makes him report to Petra.
Michael and Nadine stake out the docks and a guy pops out the of shipping container.
Xo cuts a music tape but finds out Rogelio set it up.
A woman roofies Rafael and then makes Jane bring up champagne to them but she confronts Jane and says someone paid her to do it.
Rose goes to Rafael and says Luisa is crazy and Mr. Solana gets her committed.
Lachlan convinces Petra he deleted the sex tape.
Nadine finds out the Box man is a Serbian and when they go to find him he’s gone missing.
Abuela gets more and more nervous about Jane’s court case because she is an illegal citizen so Jane withdraws the case.
Now that its over, Rafael tells Jane about the underwriting and they get a spark. Jane The Virgin is really good tvthatiwatch.

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