Haven 5.13

“Chosen” 12/5/14
Charlotte is 1100 years old.
Mara is 600 years old. She comes from a world much like ours but one that is more advanced technologically than ours. Charlotte says there can’t be two Audrey’s in the same universe and reason that if Charlotte takes Mara, Audrey should get better. Apparently the barn was punishment to teach Mara how to be a better person.
Duke cries and a woman gets the trouble to explode anything she touches.
He runs to Charlotte to have her fix him.
Dave has another vision of people being bludgeoned with a rock.
Charlotte suggests that all the goodness in Mara was sucked out and placed in Audrey and if Audrey returns to Mara she will be good again.
The ropes come alive on a boat and trap some teenagers on a boat then it tries too sink itself.
Duke offers the location of a local thinning to Mara to rid him of the troubles.
Mara turned Duke off.
Charlotte convinces Mara to let her integrate Audrey back into herself but she really just eliminated Mara’s personality.
Vince and Dave wander around the forest.
A bizarre cloud surrounds the town.
Duke explodes thousands of troubles now that Mara is gone.
Haven is tvthatiwatch.

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