Grimm 4.09

“Wesenrein” 1/16/15
Nick and Hank get Wu out of jail and bring him to the trialer. They give him the lowdown on everything.
Juliette vogue’s out and all the mirrirs on the house break.
Rosalee finds the shattered plate and sees that Monroe is missing. Nick sends her to his place.
Monroe sees another captive and the Wesenrein take the other guy off screaming.
They nab Shaw and interrogate him then let him go. The Wesenrein tell him to meet him out back and the grandmaster kills him.
Juliette has a dream she rips Rosalee throat out.
Monroe escapes but ends up finding the dead body of the captive, freaks out and gets captured again.
They find Shaw’s dead body which leads to seeing a photo with one of the cops who was on Monroe’s watch. The look at his phone records which leads to him making several calls to a prison. When they talks to the inmate he apparently was cellmates with the grand master. Hank and Nick goes to his house but he is not there. Because he is on the podium about to passjudgement on Monroe.
Grimm is surprisingly good tvthatiwatch.

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