Grimm 4.08

“Chupacabra” 12/12/14
A medical professional who was doing relief work in Mexico gets bitten by a bug comes home and then that night turns int o a chupacabra and attacks a man walking his dog. He wakes up the next night covered in blood.
Victor finds out that Nick’s mom faked her death.
Rosalee finds a dead fox on her back door and gets told she is next.
The doc turns into a chupacabra at work bites his coworker then runs home, attacks a neighbor. Nick and Hank show up at his place but he’s not there. His wife who is wesen, says he’s out. He comes home but is sick. Wu starts to lose it and confronts Nick and Hank.
Doc chupa’s on her, everyone runs in and tries to sedate him, Wu see him and tries to shoot him then runs out. Nick and Hank take him to the Spice shop and they realize they only have enough serum for one then the wife chupa’s out and the doc grabs the syringe and stabs her. She reverts then he begs hank to shoot him. He chupa’s and Hank shoots him.
Wu gets drunk and starts a fight.
Juliette is looking in the mirror and turns into a hexen beast!
Nick and Hank put a squad car outside of Monroe’s and Rosalee decides to make him a nice sandwich. When Monroe brings him out a sandwich he turns around a in a mask and someone clubs Monroe on the head. Grimm is surprisingly good tvthatiwatch.

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