Grimm 4.07

“The Grimm Who Stole Christmas” 12/5/14
Little gnomish creatures wreck a christmas house and the patrons.
Monroe asks Rosalee if she wants to go on their honeymoon.
Josh laments he knows nothing about Grimming.
Trubel and Josh head to Shaw’s to see if he knows anything about the harrassment but a guy stumbles on to her an Josh bops him on the head and they steal his mask.
Nick and Hank stumble across another gnome attack and they capture one of them. They take it to Monroe and Rosalee.
The guys head to the the trailer, turns out they are the pubescent form of a Wesen and can only be cured by fruitcake.
The one they trapped escapes and brings his brothers and then have a standoff over the trainset and Monroe comes home and roars at them and they bolt.
Nick decides to let Josh into the trailer with Trubel.
Rosalee and Monroe leave a trail of fruitcake and they lock them in the van filled with fruitcake.
Wu is still suspicious.
Trubel decides to go with Josh back to his home.
Juliette is pregnant.
Grimm is still good tvthatiwatch.

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