Gotham 1.12

“What The Little Bird Told Him” 1/19/15
Jack Gruber aka Jack Bukinski goes after his stuff and electrocutes the man who double crossed him.
The newspapers calls him The Electrocutioner.
Commissioner Loeb comes by and everyone is afraid of him. Gordon tells him to reinstate him.
Dr. Thompkins comes by the office and says while in custody, Jack went to a witch doctor and the only person he ever created a voodoo doll was a Mr M.
Fish abducts Liza. Falcone calls Penguin to come to him.
The Electrocutioner creates an electro-bomb and disrupts Maroni’s business.
Fish calls Falcone and tells him to leave town with Liza her.
Barbara goes to see her parents, The Keane’s.
Falcone tells Zazz to keep him safe during the
Nygma gives Ms. Kringle a cupcake with a bullet in it as a riddle.
The Electrocutioner lightning strike the precinct then comes in for Maroni. Jim wearing rubber soled shoes survives the strike then throws water on him thereby shutting off his electro source.
Penguin goes to see Falcone and he tells him that Liza is a plant. Fish says meet me in an hour. Falcone confronts her and can read it in her eyes that she works for Fish. So he strangles her in front of Fish. He then lets Penguin come out and say his goodbyes to Fish.
Dr. Thompkins stops by after Gordon’s show and they make out.
Gotham is really good tvhtatiwatch.

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