Constantine 1.08

“The Saint Of Last Resorts” 12/12/14
A wife finishes giving birth in a convent and a creature comes and takes her baby.
Ann Marie Flynn shows up at the Mill and ask for help finding a stolen baby. She’s not a fan of John’s as she was in Newcastle. John thinks its a Invonche demon, insatiable and impossible to kill.
He and Chaz head to Mexico. Zed stays at the Mill. John starts to investigates and wants a piece of the baby.
Ann Marie, now a nun, tells John she buried the placentia in their front yard. They try to find it but John sees a piece of fruit on the tree, human fruit, and when he cuts it it bleeds.
Another baby gets stolen and it turns out to be the man’s grandchild.
John tries to invoke a spell to figure out the name of the creature and then another nun show up and John realizes she is Lamashtu – Eve’s sister, rather vampiric.
The hot guy Zed was painting meets up with her, texts a message “I’ve got her” to someone. They get drink and Zed gets a vision of a white prison around him so takes him back to the Mill. While there she slaps him around and he call her Mary and says her family wants her back. Two other people show up and Fighty fight and Zed toss the woman into the alternate dimension but the other guys injects her with something.
Ann Marie realizes John is not an asshole he just care too much and can’t get involved with the people he saves cause it hurts too much.
John casts a spell on a chicken, and soaks it in the man’s blood and Lamashtu come around and they follow it into the sewars and Ann MArie and John find the orginal baby’s and try to sneak away but Lamashtu shows up after she realizes the chicken isn’t a baby and john threatens to kill the baby unless Lamashtu gives him some info. Apparently the coven Brucharea figured out how to break down the barriers from heaven to hell which is the coming darkness. He invokes a spell to get rid of her and she disappears but a real Invoche shows up and John realizes he can’t do anything to stop it so Ann Marie shoots him and makes off with the baby leaving him to die.
Constantine is tvthatiwatch.

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