Cocked 1.01

“Pilot” 1/15/15 Grady Paxson of Paxson Firearms creates the automatic handgun that he plans to promote at this years gun convention only Rayburn Guns steals his design showcases it and sells it for half the price undermining everything the company has done. Richard Paxson is a lawyer trying to make partner and forget his troubled family. When Rayburn makes a play for Paxson, Wade, their father, pisses all over the contract. That night a contract killer tells Richard make his father and son take the deal. Richard heads home and tries to pull a hail Mary and get them out of debt. His brother Grady has always picked on him but needs his urine for a drug test. And he says FU and drives off. The hitman drives him off the road, the car catches fire but Grady drags him out. He helps him wit hthe drug test. Richards idea was to target the LGBT market and they bite, saving the company. Wade decides to give Richard the company. The cops find the hitman’s car wit ha burner phone that points back to Paxson Firewarms.
Cocked is tvthatiwatch.

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