Agent Carter 1.03

“Time and Tide” 1/13/15 One of the ladies from The Griffith has a gentleman caller and the next day gets kicked out.
The boys from the SSR find the hotel room and the typewriter. They also connect the license plate to Stark’s car. Thompson and Sousa go and pick up Jarvis. Carter helps him get out.
Dorothy Underwood is a new resident of The Griffith.
Carter and Jarvis enter Stark’s vault and decend into the sewars. Peggy figures out it rained the night of the break in and the thieves could have used a boat and floated away.
Which leads them to a boat that happens to have the symbol Leet drew in the sand.
They find a large stash of Stark’s Bad Babies and a goon attacks them. Jarvis calls the SSR and Sousa and Krzeminski take the call and go to the boat. The find the stash and the goon. Sousa is frustrated that its handed to him
While transporting the prisoner, the goon asks Krzeminski if the british broad was with him then they get rear ended. Krzeminski goes to talk to the driver and gets shot then the driver kills the goon too.
Everyone weeps. Peggy opens up to Angie.
Agent Carter is tvthatiwatch.

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