Jane The Virgin 1.07

“Chapter Seven” 11/24/14
Jane’s head is spinning after kissing Rafael.
The nuns are using Jane’s immaculate conception to make some money.
Michael and Jane are being awkward.
Jane tells Rafael to stop. They go to one of Rafael’s club and he’s got girls all over him.
One of Xo’s kids from dance class, sets her up with her Dad. Rogelio and Xo double date.
Petra accidentally poisons her captive and has to epipen him back to life even though her mother thinks she should let him die.
Rafael and Jane leave the club and have a lovely date.
Petra sleeps with Lachlan and tells him to record to see how serious she is about not screwing him over.
Michael fools around with his partner Nadine as they are working on the Sin Rostro case.
Mr. Solano fires Rafael and sends him to Mexico City.
Jane The Virgin is exceptionally delightful tvthatiwatch.

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