Haven 5.10

“Mortality” 11/14/15
Dwight tells Charlette about the troubles.
Mara’s manipulation leads to Duke letting her free.
Audrey and Nate run across a troubled person who can see a persons death and he says he sees Audrey and Mara dying at the same time.
Mara and Duke cross the quarantine.
Charlotte suggests that Dwight didn’t get sick because his trouble is active so she might be able to create a vaccine to stop the contagin.
Duke and Mara try to break into Dwights safe but he shows up and takes the aether.
The ME is the one who started it all. His trouble came to the forefront when Charlotte started looking at his documents.
Duke and Mara break into Charlotte’s lab to steal the aether.
A trouble who can draw the oxygen out the air activates.
Duke gets Mara out of the building and she stabs the ME in the neck and makes Duke finish him off to take his trouble.
Audrey is still sick.
Vince tries to manipulate someone in the govenors office to pull Charlotte out of Haven only the CDC doesn’t have anyone in Haven.
Haven is tvthatiwatch.

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