Haven 5.09

“Morbidity” 11/7/15 Dave has a dream and sees the people of Croatoan littered in the forest. The CDC wants Dave and he shows up at the police station. They call a trouble with charm affliction to pull one over on her. She decides to stick around for vacation.
A trouble in a bear suit with half his head missing shows up. Actually several of them do.
A staff infection starts knocking people out so the CDC lady tries to help out.
Mara continues manipulating Duke. Tells him they will start rounding up the troubled and will turn against him.
Audrey asks Mara for help.
Things get out of hand and the CDC woman, Charlotte, quarantine’s the town. They blow the cell tower and Duke decides to take out the CD woman but Dwight tases him.
Haven is tvthatiwatch.

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