Agent Carter 1.02

“Bridge and Tunnel” 1/6/15
Peggy is looking for a new place.
Green Suit and his fancy automatic typewriter gets commands to find Leet Brannis.
Peggy starts tracing the milk truck but isn’t having any luck so goes to the milk dispencery and notices a truck is missing. Sheldon McFee
They go to Roxxon’s owner, Mr. Jones who says Mr. Stark has always been against him and is using vitaradation so they start scanning all the people working there. She sees one of the scientists from the other night, a Mr. Van Ert, and he bolts so she catches him. While the SSR beats him for information, Peggy goes to the missing milk truck’s house and finds the missing nitramene and sees the other man with no vocal cords… Leet Brannis. They drive the truck into town when Green Suit jumps on the truck. Shooting and Fighting on the truck making it crazy dangerous as it full of the Nitramene and Peggy stabs Green suit’s hand to the truck grabs everyone on launches the truck off a cliff. As Leet dies he draws a symbol in the dirt but Peggy and Jarvis have to run away as the rest of the SSR shows up. Sousa finds the key to Greet Suit’s hotel room. Peggy goes for an interview for a apartment with Miriam the housemaid of the Griffith Hotel grilling her. Agent Carter is tvthatiwatch.

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