The Mysteries of Laura 1.09

“The Mystery of the Dysfunctional Dynasty” 11/19/14
A little girl’s dog gets in the neighbors apartment and she sees the residents murdered.
Laura and Jake interview a new nanny who whips the boys into shape.
A handyman has one of their watches. But he was busy. But he used to take them to the senior center. Which gives Laura a reason to teach adult dance class. Which leads to the their pastor who mentions they have a gay son that they have excommunicated. The son mentions that his boyfriend has to go back home and deal with an arranged marriage and his brother is in town and is probably the lead suspect. Laura feins being a sales clerk to get to the mother. She grants them permission to get into the apartment and they find a club with blood on it. The son has bug bites like the lawyer that was working on their will. He apparently did it.
The Mysteries of Laura is entertaining tvthatiwatch.

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