Jane The Virgin 1.06

“Chapter Six” 11/17/14
Flashback to Jane’s 21’st birthday she met Michael because, as a cop he came by to tell them to turn the music down and she thinks he’s a stripper.
Jane gets her placement for substitute teaching positions at a Catholic high school.
The cops come for Rafael thanks to Petra’s fake assault charge.
Jane meets Rogelio’s ex-daughters and they happen to be her students who work hard to make her look bad in fact get her fired.
Xo has audition.
Rafael finds a witness to prove he never hit Petra and kicks her out.
A hoodlum, Ivan, comes to Petra and she smacks him on the head with Zazo’s urn.
Jane breaks up with Michael and Rafeal kisses her.
Jane The Virgin is exceptionally delightful tvthatiwatch.

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