Gotham 1.11

“Rogue’s Gallery” 1/5/15
Gordon is working at Arkham now and an inmate beats the crap out of another during a play.
Nurse Dorothy Duncan and Leslie Thompkins, the female doctor on resident helps with the wounded inmate.
That night Gordon finds an inmate has been aggressively electroshocked to make his brain mush.
Director Lang is furious about two violent incidents on Gordon’s watch. Turns out someone stole a guards keys during the fight and has been shocking the inmates.
Gordon start interviewing inmates to find out who has the keys. Jack Gruber a psychopath says he does not have them. Aaron who can never lie says he didn’t do it.
The next night another inmate is electoshocked as well.
Penguin tries to get more money out of the dock workers but they call the cops and the cops smack him around. In jail, he calls Bullock to get him out but he doesn’t. Maroni apparently did it to teach him a lesson.
Selina brings a sick Ivy to Gordon’s apartment.
Bullock interrogates Lang who gives them the heads up Nurse Dorothy is an inmate.
Montoya realizes that her relationship with Barbara causitic. Barbara calls home and Ivy answers and pretends she is his date.
Gordon figures out Duncan is off just as Leslie shows up. Duncan lets all the inmates out and creates a riot but she gets trampeled to death. And thats that. Except when the autopsy on Dorothy comes bakc she too was electoshocked. Cut to Arkham where Aaron is unlocking the door ans lilling a guard and Jack Gruber walks out. Director Lang stumbles on them and Gruber kills him too. Gordon races there and Lang says Gruber is free.
Gotham is really good tvhtatiwatch.

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