Constantine 1.07

“Blessed Are The Damned” 12/5/14
A faith healer preacher gets bitten by a snake dies but comes back, he touches a man and regrows his legs.
Zed is painting a hot guy and see snakes so returns to John but not before he gets her number. The faith healer builds his flock but the first man he healed turned into a ghoul and kills a doctor and a cop. John and Zed visit him and Zed sees wings. John says there is a cost to what he is doing. He finds a lake full of dead fish and calls Manny who says he can’t help but if Zed heard a song, face the sun and hum the song. She does and the song reverberates back and leads them to a fallen angel, Imogen, who says the man pulled a feather from her wings and made her mortal. John tries to take it but gets blasted. Zed grabs it and all the people he healed turn into ghouls. Manny and Imogen talk and he gathers that she is one of the fallen. John fends off the ghouls as Zed returns the feather. As soon as Imogen gets it she reforms and her wings turn black and she becomes a fully fallen. Shes a fallen because she killed a mortal. Turns out she was behind it all, she made a fake pearly gates in front of hell for the preacher, as he was dying and gave him the feather to make her mortal. She was hoping a ghoul was going to bring it but doesn’t care. She tries to fly away but john put a evil ward around the place to save her but it ends up trapping her. She grabs Zed and says break the ward or I kill her. John turns to Manny and says he has to get into the fight but her can’t so he leaves. Or jumps into Zed and rips Imogene’s heart from her chest.
Constantine is tvthatiwatch.

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