Ascension 1.03

“Night Three” 12/17/14
At this years mating ceremony – you know as a result of three people dying – Krista wanders out of bed because she thinks she sees Lorelei then as she reaches the party, her dead body turns and she tells Krista to look away, then a video of the Captain and Lorelei doing it starts playing.
Stokes is given his pills and headbutts the attending then punches Samantha in the face. He grabs her and asks her which level of the deck they are on and where is the Captain. Then Stokes sees the simulation ship and sort of has a breakdown. Then goes outside and has another breakdown. Then see the monument to the dead and has another breakdown. Then a cop confronts them and has another breakdown. Then goes shopping and has another breakdown.
Viondra goes for a naked swim then makes out with Ryan Gossling Jr.
Krista goes in for an MRI.
Gault goes to see Eva and asks her where the tape is and she says she gave it to her husband, Vanderhaus.
Director Warren stops by to see Harris and tells him the council gave him a vote of no conficence and have Harris escorted from the premisis.
Councilman Rose goes for a coup against William utilizing the illegal child he has been paying for but it turns out to be another concilman’s kid.
The ghost of Lorelei past visits Krista in her MRI and takes her to the lower deck where Krista sees Gault and Vanderhaus fighting and shoots a ball of electricity at him and then fries the whole ship and building the simulation is housed in. It knocks Harris, Director Warren and the goon squad out. When Warren realizes it was Christa she thinks Harris is a genius.
The electrical surge causes havok on the ship too.
The scrubbers were damaged as well and there is a posibility for CO2 toxicity so Gault and William head down to fix it. Viondra tells everyone to go into radiation protocol. Councilman Rose tries to take her power and she shits him down.
Director Warren says this is the perfect time to go inside. Christa says Globus is coming and goes to confront them.
Samantha was working with a conspiracy nut and plans to let the world know. Turns out the conspiracy nut was part of globus ans shoots Samatha in the head and says the starchild must be born. Stokes bolts.
Christa tells her dad that she’s always known that he was a bad man and he was the one that killed Lorelei. Then the bad man comes for Christa.
Gault and William dump lithium hydroxide into the air but then Gault sees Leorelei. He follows her to the bad man who is taking Christa away. Fighty-fight and Christa freaks and uses her powers again and Gault wakes up on another planet. Ascension is tvthatiwatch but kind of wish i didn’t.

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