Ascension 1.02

“Night Two” 12/16/14 Director Warren sends a Harris someone to help with the murder investigation, Samantha Krueger. But really she is there to be someone on the inside. Someone sets a bomb on the, or in the, Ascension. Crouch apparently set the bomb. When Gault goes investigating he whaps him on the head and rabbits. Level 23 apparently was damaged in the fire year 31. Its highly susceptable to outside noises. Someone drops something but then Crouch attacks Gault and fighty fight and Couch dies. Christa refuses to take her shot so Olivia shows her its not a big deal and lets Ike the new intern give her a shot, then falls on the floor and convulses. Harris decides his inside man should administer the shot so he chases her around the lab and cuts his arm and she telekinietically makes the lights explode. Whoa. Meanwhile Krueger goes to see a conspiracy theorist about the the history of the project. She says kids were stolen and people were killed. Harris’ inside man goes to Krista’s room and injects her after she spouts information about 911 and Kennedy and such. Stuff she should not know about. Ascension is tvthatiwatch.

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