Ascension 1.01

“Night One” 12/15/14
A girl, Lorelei Wright, ends up dead on a beach. A beach on a spaceship on a 100 year mission to another solar system in the Proxima system. Turns out it was a 22 to the skull. XO, Aaron Gault is asked to investigate the murder. Could it be the lower deckers as Lorelei was dating James Tobak (Ryan Gosling look alike) a lower decker. Her sister Nora has a crush on him. Viondra, the Captain’s wife is a madam on the ship. She is sleeping with Councilman Rose.
Back on Earth a student visits an old man in a home and his son, Harris Ensmann, stops him on the way out and he talks about a mystery spaceship, Ascension that was launched in the 60’s but his dad. Of course he already knew about that. The “Leader” of the lower deckers Stokes thinks its just a conspiracy to suppress the lower deckers. Christa, the resident creepy kid, thinks that Globus is watching them. The ship has a radiation alert and everyone must get into their sedation pads. Christa freaks out and takes off her mask and sees a masked person take her mom’s necklass. When the radiation passes, Stokes sees a footprint in the dirt and then they find the gun that Lorelei was shot with and they blame it on Stokes. At her funeral, someone lets Stokes out and he contronts Captain and Gault and fighty fight, Stokes gets sucked out the hatch. As he flies off into space he lands on a soft pad and gets sedated. It’s all a simulation that has been running for 51 years.
Ascension is tvthatiwatch.

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