Teen Wolf 4.06

“Orphaned” 7/28/14
Kate and her Berserkers decimate a pack of assassins asking about the mix tape and who the Benefactor is.
Aftermath of the attack and they take the kid to Deaton who gets the Wolfsbane out of him. Scotts dad recognizes the modis operandi and says there are 12 other murders by a team called The Orphans. Derek is losing more of his powers and Peter is gaining more.
Scott find Garrotts bag full of money.
Liam gets hit by a car driven by Garrett and gets stabbed with a wolfsbane blade then thrown in a well.
Garrott says he wants the money and Violet back.
Derek knows the pack that is being hunted, its Satomi’s. He takes Melia to find the pack but they are all dead. Braeden is wounded
Lydia and Stiles ask Parrish why his name is on the list. Then they head to Meredith but she says the Benefactor wont let her say the last key.
Garrott makes Scott attack the transport with Violet but someone else has done it. The Berserkers. Garrott challenges them and he gets stabbed. So does Scott. He wakes up at Deaton’s and Argent helps him. Argent gets Scott to track the Berserker blade he was stabbed with. It takes them to Kate and the Berserkers. Fighty-Fight. Scott and Argent get bested and Scott finds Violet dead.
Scott finds Liam.
Stiles suggests that because the banshee predicted that names of they dead maybe the last name is a name of someone that is going to die. Lydia figures out the last name DEREK and sees Merediths name. She calls to protect her but she’d already killed herself.
Scott and Stiles count the money and find a mix tape.
Peter meets Kate in the sewars and says lets team up. Teen Wolf is damn entertaining tvthatiwatch.

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