Teen Wolf 4.05

“I.E.D.” 7/21/14
Violet is chasing a werewolf that she apparently lopped off its hand earlier. Garrett drives in and says get in if you want to live. Then stabs her.
Derek snaps Liams lacross stick which enrages him and Derek holds him at bay and says he does have a lot of rage, then Scott tells him to calm down and go to class. Derek smiles and says Scott is going to be a great Alpha.
Stiles figures out that the killer is a lacross player.
The lacross game is coming and its Liam old school. Garrett puts wolfsbane on his lacross blade.
Derek takes Argent into the Hale vault and tells him he is losing his wolf.
Meredith shows up at the Police Station and asks for Lydia because Lydia called her, like a banshee call.
Argent gets visitors Araya drops by Argents and say her assassin that went after Kate has not responded in days and then reminds him of his oath.
When Lydia tries to get her to give her a new code she doesnt understand and Parrish steps in and she gives them 2436 as the code. Malia figures out its based on the numbers on the phone and Lydia figures out the next name AIDEN.
Parrish is on the list.
One of the kids from the other side is the one that gets hit by the wolfsbane and Violet attacks him but Scott comes in so she attacks him with the burning garrot but he easily pulls it away and slams her into the wall. Teen Wolf is damn entertaining tvthatiwatch.

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