Teen Wolf 4.04

“The Benefactor” 7/14/14
Sheriff Stilinski is investigating last episodes rooftop escapades and Derek mentions there was another person on the roof, a boy.
Scott kidnaps Liam but he escapes.
Mute axes Peter in the chest. Derek takes Mute’s voice machine to the Sheriff and Parrish recognizes the axe and tech as military and then a text from The Benefactor comes in saying the money is transfered. Which leads the to realization he is an assassin.
Apparently Liam has anger issues and thats why he got kicked out of his last school.
Kira convinces Liam to go to Lydia’s for a party only its really an intervention for the full moon but he starts to turn and the entire school shows up to party.
A guy drops off a keg, on his way out he starts to transform into a wolf and a girl cuts off his head. She goes back to the party and kisses her boyfriend whe gets a text from Benefactor saying the money is transferred.
Lydia go upstairs to stop kids from going up there and gets a vision where the room goes soundproof and then faces pushing through the walls. Kira goes up there to find her and she says she found the key to the mysterious text she’s been writing, the word ALLISON. Its a dead pool on all the creatures in Beacon Hill.
Liam escapes and attacks Scott and Argent shows up and tells him to man up.
Malia is chained up downstairs and the chains start to break and Stiles talks her down.
Sheriff and Derek head to the school and Mute attacks them, They subdue him and Peter shows up and literally rips him apart. Teen Wolf is damn entertaining tvthatiwatch.

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