The Librarians 1.01

“And the Crown Of King Arthur” 12/7/14 Colonel Eve Baird is raiding a terrorist den. She catches two of the terrorists activating a nuclear bomb when Flynn Carson shows up looking for an artifact that will reactivate the dead which sort of stops everyone in their tracks. Then fighty-fight and Eve helps Flynn capture the stone and he disappears. A scholar tries to drop some important information off to Flynn at the library but he gets killed before he can rach Flynn. Meanwhile Eve gets put on leave and gets an invitation to be a guardian at the library. On her tour Flynn is sword fighting with Excalibur , and she meets Judson, Flynn’s mentor, who is dead and lives as a reflection in a mirror. Turns out someone is killing librarians, so Flynn and Eve go to find the top 3 candidates. First up is Cassandra Cillian, a synesthete, her memeory is linked to all five senses. Next up is Ezekial Jones, Tech wizard and theif. Last is Jake Stone, a Oklahoma oil rigger who gets attacked by Lamia and some ninja’s till Eve shows up to save him. Once upon a time the world was filled with magic but it was siphoned off and placed into artifacts. The bad guys are the Serpent Brotherhood who wants to bring magic back and the Crown of King Arthur to control it. They head to Munich to find the painting that the first guy was killed for. They figure out it leads to a henge and when the brotherhood shows up Ezekiel and Eve distract them, while Cassandra, Jake and Flynn decipher where the crown is and they head back to the library. As soon as they settle, Lamia and the Brotherhood show up and break in aided by someone on the inside! It was Cassandra – they promised to cure her tumor and rid her of her synesthestria. The Brotherhood steals several artifacts including the crown which Lamia places on her head and proceeds to duel with Flynn using Excalibur. She ultimately bests him by stabbing him in the side. But because Excalibur is a magical blade it will never heal and in 24 hours Flynn will die. Lamia and her hoodlums take a bunch of stuff and head for the hills. The Librarians is surprisingly good and fun tvthatiwatch.

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