Haven 5.08

“Exposure” 10/31/14
Mara tells Duke someone is killing the dead so Nate is on the chopping block.
The hospital makes Dave gets a biopsy on his leg and they panic it might come back weird.
Duke makes a call to the Ghost Hunters to help reach Nate. He makes a device to talk to the dead but the dead have to be wearing it so Audrey makes the photographer shoot her.
Audrey figures out that it was the photographer from the flea market that has the trouble and her picture taking sends them away.
Vince tries to steal the sample and gets caught. Dave pretends to be a sheriff and gets him out.
Audrey takes the device and makes the photographer shoot her sending her to ghost world where Morgan the ghost, who has overtaken Nate, over takes her too and convinces the Troubled to take a picture of herself. She appears in ghost world and Nate and Audrey tell her Morgan is the killer and not the man she used to love. When she comes to terms with that they all revert back to reality.
The CDC shows up and ask Vince where Dave is.
Haven is tvthatiwatch.

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