The 100 2.02

“Inclement Weather” 10/29/14
A rescue teams comes back to Mount Weather and one of them was shot with a gun the other radiation poisoning. Clarke doesn;t trust anyone
Jaha finds a baby and decides he is going to launch a rocketto earth to save the baby and himself.
Raven has a bullet near her spine and wants Abby to take it out but there is no anastesia.
The new basecamp full of adults finds 3 of their own crucified in some trees.
A stranger gives Octavia the cure and she bops him on the head and drags him to camp to get Lincoln back. Tells the current ruler of the camp she want Lincoln back. When they do the trade Reavers attack and knock Octavia out and take the healer and Lincoln.
Jaha grabs the baby and pulls a gravity and ejects himself from one end of the station to the other via space. He lands and check on the baby only its a wadded up towel. Jaha’s baby turns out to be oxygen deprevation. He see’s his dead son and convinces himself to go to eath in the rocket. He lands in the desert.
Clarke cuts herself open to get to the infirmary then hunts down the radiation guy only he is getting a transfusion when she follow the transfusion line it takes her to another room where they are apparently draining grounders of their blood. Looking through the grounds she finds Anya.
The 100 is surprisingly good tvthatiwatch.

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