Teen Wolf 4.03

“Muted” 7/7/14
An ax wielding psycho called The Mute kills a family and chases a shirtless boy, Sean, through a house, then traps him in the bathroom and tells him to break the mirror and fight. He bolts out the window and the psycho comes to the window but is mouthless.
Kira’s parents decide to move back to NY
A new lacross goalee, Liam, shows up at school and tryouts happen.
Everyone is at school learning and stuff. Scott accidentally kisses Kira.
Lydia shows up at the dead people’s house and her and Deputy Parrish find a meat lock with lots of dead people inside.
Scott wolfs out at practice and hurts Liam.
Then Scott really kisses Kira.
He brings him to the hostpital and while there Sean Wendigo’s out and eats the patrolman at his door then drags Liam to the roof to eat him too. Fighty Fight and Liam hangs off the edge and the Wendigo has both of Scott’s arms so he bites Liam arm to hold on the him before he falls. Mute stabs Wendigo Sean in the back killing him then slinks off into the night. Scott then thinks about what he just did. Teen Wolf is damn entertaining tvthatiwatch.

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