Teen Wolf 4.02

“117” 6/30/14
Kate jaguar out in a gas bathroom and attacks the attendant.
The pack brings lil Derek to Deaton. Lydia stays behind to care for him.
Scott’s dad is still around.
Lil’ Derek is healing very fast and wakes up and slashes Deaton and runs. He goes to Hale House and the cops nab him. Sheriff Stiliski realizes there is something fishy about the kid and Scott and Stiles run up. They convince lil Derek he lost some memories and are going to help them.
Lydia is drawn to the dead bathroom attentant.
Scott goes to Peter and brings Malia and informs him about Kate.
Kate nabs lil Derek and they head to the family vault under the school.
Peter, Scott and Malia do too and Malia smells what she smelled in the desert – Berserkers.
Peter goes to the vault to deal with Kate. And lil Derek helps Scott with the Berserkers and ages as he fights. And now has yellow eyes.
Someone throws gas bombs in the vault and while Peter and Kate are incapacitated and steals 117 million of Peter’s money. Teen Wolf is damn entertaining tvthatiwatch.

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