Once Upon A Time 4.02

“White Out” 10/5/14
Elsa freezes the town and everyone loses power.
Anna, now Joan, shows up at a cottage owned by Dave and ask to sta y in his barn then Bo Peep show up and wants some money for them living on her land.
Regina tells Henry she doesn’t want to see him for a bit.
Emma, Hook and David find the wall. Emma starts to talk to Elsa and Hook and David confront her and she blocks them with snow. Emma starts to freeze to death and asks Elsa to pull back the cold a bit but she can’t.
Anna/Joan teaches David how to sword fight. Peep steals Anna and David fights for her.
Hook and David go to Gold and ask him about Anna but David remembers who she is and then finds this world’s Peep.
David uses Anna’s words of wisdom to get Elsa to modify the ice chambe and get Emma out.
Because its Mary Margaret’s curse, she’s the new mayor and everyone wants her to get the power on. She figures because the baby is hungry, the power machine is hungry and turns the fuel dial and gets the power back on.
Henry bangs on Regina’s door till she lets him in.
There is another snow wielder in Storybrooke.
Once Upon A Time is tvthatiwatch.

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