Haven 5.06

“The Old Switcheroo (2)” 10/17/14
Dave and Vince confront a woman in New Hampshire who tells the story of 2 brothers who can switach bodies.
Duke needs to release a trouble so he and Nate figure out they re going to release one on Mara.
Mara turns the tables and escapes and finds one of the switcher brothers.
Vince and Dave try to engage the other brother but his trouble doesn’t switch them back. Dave almost gets pulled into the thinning which convinces the brother to confront his brother.
Dave gets another vision while driving Vince and the brother back into town and they crash.
The brothers reunite and everyone returns to their bodies.
Dave recalls the last time he lost time, when he woke up on the beach next to the dead colorado kid.
Duke releases the resurrection trouble which creates an Audrey!
Haven is tvthatiwatch.

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