Haven 5.04

“Much Ado About Mara” 10/2/14
Mara takes one of Duke’s curses and gives him one which is talking gibberish.
Dwight makes Mara remove laser girls curse. And she does.
Things start boiling and birds fall from the sky. Peoples eye go white.
David and Vincent go through therapy and the therapist decides to regress them individually. She does David first and finds something troubling and calls Vincent but then something attacks her. When vinvent shows up she doesn’t remember anything and wants to give them couples therapy then David shows up and he doesnt remember.
Duke figures out that Mara didn’t remove the curse she just modified it to be microwaves instead of laser beams. She is still killing people.
Dwight confronts her and she provokes him by telling him how much fun it must have been to watch his daughter die. And Dwight tells her about it ernestly and Audrey comes back for a second. When he tells Duke and Nate they all decide to treat her like Audrey in the hope she can retain Mara’s memories. She comes back but says Mara has been lying to them, she can’t cure the troubles only give them and she can’t access Mara’s memories. Then Mara comes back and says she is going to kill Audrey. Haven is tvthatiwatch.

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