Grimm 4.06

“Highway Of Tears” 11/28/14
Victor and Adalind figure out Nicks mom has the baby.
A couple are driving along a country road, hit a spike strip, run off the road and then two lizard people show up and try to pull the people out of the car. The female driver is stuck so they leave her.
Juliette does the spell and then they do it. Afterwords Juliette writhes on the floor in pain.
Trubel notices someone outside and see they are spying on her and plan to follow her so she slashes their tires.
Nick and Hank investigate the crash and find lizard trinkets all over the scene dating back 9 years.
Josh shows up at Nicks place but the watchers are still there.
Nick ask Monroe to help but he’s a little worried because of the warning so Juliette shows up with her gun and Truble shows up too and Rosealee says you are good to go.
The cop goes to the local junkyard and gets taken. They use her in the ceremony. Nick starts to be affected. Hank goes into the ceremony pit to get the girl out then Monroe does too except they ambush him and throw him in the pit. Nick gets his Grimm back and kicks butt.
Trubel informs Nick, Josh is in the house.
Grimm is still good tvthatiwatch.

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