Grimm 4.05

“Cry Luison” 11/21/14
Elizabeth figures out the last bit of the spell which is Juliette sleeping with Nick but as Adalind.
A husband tries to pacify his wife and medicates her. That night the wife wakes up and sees a wolf like creature chasing her around so she gets in the car and drives and runs a jogger over then slams into a wall.
Adalind is still getting tricked by the castle.
Bud stops by and asks Trubel for help in a little matter and then says its not a little matter its a big thing. He let it slip that Nick is no longer a Grimm and everyone is taking vengance on him. Tru does a beat down on one of the guys.
Nick and Hank look into the woman’s case and she is the heir to the family fortune and the husband got his green card by marrying her months ago. They send Monroe to see if her can smell something at the house and he does but then an identical twin of the husband shows up. Actually its quadruplets.
Josh, the son of the veson, that died last season gets attacked and calls Nick.
Victor drops by to see Adalind and she says she will do anything to make it stop so he says lets get the kid together.
Someone lights a wesen symbol on fire in front of Nick house ans Juliette says lets get your powers back.
Grimm is still good tvthatiwatch.

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