Grimm 4.04

“Dyin’ On A Prayer” 11/14/14
The creepy mask people throw a brick through the windows. Its a warning against mixed couples.
Trubel rabbits mainly because she doesn’t want to be around Nick and Juliette because of the threat that the wesen hunters gave her but nick tells her its best to not .
A drunk husband slaps around his wife and kid around. When the brother shows up at the hospital, that night he invokes a golum to take vengance, which it does.
When the brother of the dead guy confronts the wife and kid, he threatens them and the golum goes after him too. The rabbi figures out that the only way to stop the golum is for him to place the scroll back in the mouth of the golum which means threatening the kid. They do and the golum appears and tries to take out Truble, who befrended the kid and the kid beats the golum up and kills it. Adalind tries to escape and ends up getting tricked by the castles defenses. Elizabeth figures out the spell but needs Juliette. Grimm is still good tvthatiwatch.

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