Grimm 4.03

“Last Fight” 11/7/14
Teresa’s abductors reveal themselves as a group of wesen interested in hiring her.
A boxer turns into a devil and wins. Before the fight a couple of guys warm him up and he beats the crap out of them.
The next night one of the guys says he wants 25k or he will tell what he knows. He ends up dead in the river. Nick and Hank investigate. Teresa goes undercover at the boxing ring but the manager tells her to stop asking questions and get in the ring. She ends up fighting a horse head
Adalind’s mysterious wall dweller, Hoffman, help her escape her cell.
Monroe and Rosalee hook up with Renards mom and find out what spell Adalind used.
The trainer ends up dead too.
Nick and Hank confront the manager. Fighty-fight and Teresa jumps in and breaks his neck.
The mother of the boxer shows up and starts beating the crap out of him and turns into a wesen, Teresa shows up and the boxer turns on his mother and then breaks his own arm so he never has to fight again.
Creepy people in wierd masks show up outside the spice shop.
Grimm is tvthatiwatch.

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