Constantine 1.06

“Rage Of Caliban” 11/28/14
A little girl survives an attack on her family. The next day she exhibits TK powers and blows up a
John shows up at the house and so does Manny. Manny tells him he nights a game plan to fight the evil.
A little boy screams in the night but there is nothing there. When they shut out the lights, something is there, and he screams again but when the parents come in he a changed boy.
John finds a paralegal who he helped get rid of her dead husbands spirit and she leads him to a string of like murders and a kids from years ago that had the same thing happen to him who is 40 now and in a loony bin but fairly catatonic. He lost 3 fingers.
The boy ends up taking all the lightbulb out and tricks his dad into stepping on them. He then bludgeons some pumpkins and slams a crow into the door in front of his mom.
John figures out its been happeneing on the lay lines then finds the house but doesn’t think the parents will let him exercise the boy. The next day on the playground John figures out which kid by the violence he dishes out. He heads to his house and tells the parents he is a councellor but then tells him their son is possesed and the father punches him in the face then gets him arrested. The wife doesn’t believe her son is still her son so gets John out. He makes her drug the boy up and they try to bring the soul to the original house from the first killing. Its a bust and John figures out it’s not a dead soul its the soul of the kid from the first murder. Chasey-chase and John puts the soul back in the loony bin boy. Constantine is tvthatiwatch.

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