Turn 1.10

“The Battle of Setauket” 6/8/14
Ben, Caleb and a squadron arrive in Setauket.
Sam bangs his wife.
The next day more of the squad arrives and two men see them. One escapes and informs the redcoats. Simcoe gets the prisoners and sets to hang them before the attack but they attack before he can set most of them up. They retreat to the church.
Selah returns and kisses his wife!
Because the redcoats ran back to the church they left the powder available to the rebels so Hewlett blows up the building. The rebels take the higher ground and starts shooting the church but Simcoe uses the prisoners as shields. Ben sends Abe up with a white flag and says the rebels will leave if you give up the prisoners. But Simcoe freaks and shoots Caleb’s dad in the head. Hewlett arrests Simcoe then Richard and Abe convince Hewlett to let the prisoners go. After the exchange, Hewlett looks to the ocean and sees a squadron of redcoats arriving.
Anna, Selah and the rebels are leaving via boat when a squad shows upon the show. Anna jumps off the boat and swins to shore.
Later, Abe comes home to find Mary has thrown the book in the fire and asks him wtf? Baker shows up and Abe is forced to shoot him.Wow and Mary gets evil crazy and creates a master story about the rebels stopped by and Baker saw them and was shot and then the “rebels” burned down the house. “She knows how to clean up a mess.” Andre tells Rogers the Queens rangers are fired.
Turn is interesting tvthatiwatch.

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