Turn 1.09

“Against Thy Neighbor” 6/1/14
Hewlett’s horse is poisoned with an apple. Abe and Anna do it again.
Ben, Sackett and Washington decipher the page Abe copied and figure out that the Kings army plan to attack Philadephia by sea which is counter to everything that they have learned. Washington sends Ben to fortify the North, a counter ruse.
Simcoe rounds up Brewster as he runs the orchard.
When Simcoe and Richard are discussing it Abe asks him to come to his come. As they reach the cart Richard gets shot. Hewlett rounds up all the guns.
Moses Payne brings the list everyone has been looking for to Hewlett with the assumption he will save his own skin. It doesn’t. Simcoe rounds them up. Abe offers to judge them as his father is out of it.
Abe puts on a good show. He proves the musket was from the kings army but the preacher riles the masses and Hewlett decides to sentence the men to the prison ship for 10 years.
A man finds Ben and the army and says Simcoe has gone crazy so Ben gets a couple of guys and heads to Setauket.
Mary finds the book.
Turn is interesting tvthatiwatch.

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