Turn 1.08

“Challenge” 5/25/14
Abe and Anna are in NY.
Caleb goes to pick up Samuel at the prisoner exchange and sees Selah and finds out Sam is dead then figures out Rogers conspired to get him out and then Rogers takes a shot. They all rabbit. The redcoats ask Roger how dare he fire on a prisoner exchange. Jordan and Rogers start hiking into rebel territory to hunt them down.
Anna finds out that Selah was listed as as deceased.
Abe gets an invite to John Andre’s dinner. Anna wants in but he says no. So she hunts down Abigail and wants her to get her in.
Ben shows up during Roger’s and Caleb’s firefight. They all get trapped.
At the dinner party the ladies show up and Anna joins them. She decides to ransack Andre’s room for a black book.
A man from the prisoner exchange shows up at Andre’s and tells of Rogers folly and Andre says kill him.
Abe finds Anna in the room and makes out with her and an officer catches them and is offended as she was his. He asks the Major to kick Abe out. Abe write down some codes then takes his leave. Abigail spills wine on Anna and she leaves. Then Abe and her do it.
A squadron of Redcoats show up at the standoff and says knock it off. When confronted Selah says he is Sam thereby thwarting Rogers.
Turn is intriguing tvthatiwatch.

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