Turn 1.07

“Mercy Moment Murder Measure” 5/18/14 Rogers heads to the prisoner ship to find Ben’s brother but he’s dead so he gets the next best thing his best friend, Selah Strong.
Caleb shows up at Abe’s.
Anna asks for parole for her husband but gets denied.
Abigail sends her son a gift with a note saying Simcoe alive and returning Monday.
Simcoe wants to run an inquiry.
Mary returns home and ensign Baker tells her Anna was there and Mary throws a fit. As the redcoat leaves Simcoe asks him why he upset her.
Simcoe beats the shit out of Abe but ensign Baker saves him.
Ben gets a note saying Samuel is getting released and Caleb says he will go pick him up.
Abe takes the beating to Hewlett and Simcoe says he was respecting Anna honour and because they were both wronged Hewlett says shake and Abe walks out. Simcoe says fine lets duel in the morning.
Anna realizes whats going on and grabs Richard. Abe takes the firs tshot and misses. When Simcoe draws Anna and Richard converge and Anna talks Simcoe into taking a lame shot. Abe asks for a reload but can’t take the shot and wlaks away. He and Anna head to NYC to pick up Selah.
Rogers heads to find Ben. And Caleb does too.
Turn is intriguing tvthatiwatch.

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