Turn 1.06

“Mr. Culpeper” 5/11/14
Washington is fascinated with Ben’s informational ring and has Sackett help him fortify his chain of informants. General Scott can’t see the forest. Sackett think’s it needs to be more elaborate and Ben think it’ll never work because no one trust each other enough and Washington agrees with him and promotes him to Major and gives Abe the name Culpeper.
Abe heads to NY with some pigs and gets abducted by a continental army soldier desperate to get back to his people. The man makes him fight him for his freedom but Abe can’t bring himself to kill a Continental soldier and the Redcoats show up and save Abe but tell him he can’t go to the city alone because ths will just happen again.
Simcoe gets traded. Abigail starts working for John Andre just as Simcoe shows up. One of Sackett’s men is also returned and is planted as a spy. Andre recognizes him for what he is by the way her eats, with his left hand. But Simcoe kills him as a spy which infuriates Andre as he wanted to turn him into a double.
Rogers sees some talent in one of the slaves Jordan.
Turn is tvthatiwatch.

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