Turn 1.05

“Epiphany” 5/4/14
Because Selah being deemed as a traitor, all his land turned over to the king and all the slaves are being freed. Anna says that sucks. The slave have seven days before they are forced to go to NY and join the Redcoats. Anna’s slave Abigail, says I know what chu been doing and I’m to work for John Andre and I’ll be your spy for you if you take care of my son.
Abe wants to go to NY and asks his father for a road pass but he says no so he goes upstairs anddoes recon.
Caleb and Ben get orders to do a late night crossing of the Delaware. Ben falls in the drink and everyone else goes on to Trenton. When he wakes up Washington Took Trenton and has moved on to Princeton but left decoys behind to fool the Redcoats from following him.
Mary takes the kids amd goes to Richards house. Anna stops and they start to get frisky but the Redcoat thats living with them interrupts them and tells him to go.
Rogers drops by Charles Lee to ask who was the Dragoon that got away from the pilot and he gives him Ben’s name.
Turn is tvthatiwatch.

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